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Innovative Conference Supporting System

iQ-Conference provides organizers with a professional event management environment and at the same time offers participants of conferences, congresses and trainings a completely new dimension of event participation. IQ-Conference introduces a ground-breaking approach to the provision of such services by giving the radical economic effects in comparison with the ones currently available on the market.

  • Registration of participants: different scenarios and forms, electronic payment, automated registration QR-Codes,
  • Multimedia "Live interaction" with the participant: active agenda, view and recording slide presentation, asking questions, organization of debates and votes - on mobile devices
  • Organizer Support: mass mailing with the participants, support of scientific publications and reviews, electronic and automatic reception, surveys, contests, follow-ups, distribution of materials
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iQ-Conference University Edition

iQ-Conference University Edition

Lectures Supporting System

Proprietary solution offering new opportunities for students to use their mobile devices while participating lectures in the classes. The system supports electronic taking notes, based on the displayed content of the lecture, activates through quizzes and tests, distributes materials, checks the presence. The new functionality is a combination of multimedia transmission to remote classroom with interaction using mobile devices.

  • preview and saving the image presented on the screen,
  • asking questions,
  • knowledge tests, Quizzes.
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iQ-Survey and Messaging

iQ-Survey & Messaging

Multichannel Customer Satisfaction Survey System

The system lets you automate customer satisfaction surveying based on different communication channels (SMS, email, web, phone). The system integrates with global telecommunications service providers platforms at optimal cost to conduct researches worldwide. The survey results are standardized and codified and made available for analysis.

  • Operation Channel survey: SMS, email, web, phone (IVR)
  • Integration with global telecommunications platforms
  • An integrated, multi-channel notification and delivery of information
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iQ-Public Portal

iQ-Public Portal

Public e-Services Portal using dynamic eForms (xFORMS) and eDocuments

A comprehensive solution of electronic services portal, with particular focus on the legal requirements of the electronic services provision by public administration. The system allows a short time-to-run a public service (Electronic Registry, Electronic Delivery, Electronic Signature) in accordance with the legal requirements . Using the built-in electronic forms and documents wizard and editor, conforming the XForms standard, design and implementation of new services does not require programming work.

  • Electronic Forms and Documents Wizard and Editor, conforming the XForms standard
  • Electronic Services: Electronic Registries, Electronic Delivery (DA), Electronic Services Catalogue, Customer Account Panel
  • Integration with Central eServices systems (Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services - ePUAP), use of Trusted Profile and PKI Security Services, open architecture (SOA)
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iQ-BPM Engine

iQ-BPM Engine

Intelligent Business Process Management System

Innovative solution for business process management. Thanks to the proprietary methodology of BPM and process management components based on artificial neural networks and adaptive algorithms it is possible to eliminate costly identification and analysis processes. The powerful business process engine provides scalable support for heavily loaded processes. Compliance with the BPMN and BPEL standards allows you to have an open solution and to use of technical knowledge of experts in the improvement process.

  • Self-identifing and self-organizing processes, artificial neural networks.
  • High performance, ergonomic user interface editor
  • BPMN and BPEL Compliant
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SharePoint Agreement Generator

SharePoint Agreement Generator

Contract and document generator based on Microsoft Sharepoint data and Microsoft Word templates.

The system supports contracts and other documentation creation based on templates and manageable data stored in the Microsoft Sharepoint Server. The Microsoft SharePoint Server is used as a data source for filling templates implemented in MS Office. In addition, the user can edit the content, and manage document templates. The system is ready to run on the MS Office365 and MS Azure services. You don't require your own Microsoft Sharepoint Server.

  • Generating any document based on MS Office templates and Microsoft SharePoint Server data
  • Running on the Microsoft Sharepoint Server or MS Office365 or MS Azure
  • Flexible management of MS SPPS registries and MS Office templates
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