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Conferences and lectures

We had supported dozens of conferences and congresses, both business and science, which were attended by tens of thousands people. Participants used on their mobile devices: interactive conference agenda, viewed and saved the slides of live presentation, asked questions and participated in debates and competitions online, completed tens of thousands of surveys. Using iQ-Conference organizers had saved time and effort in organizing conferences providing participants with additional value while participating in the event. Thanks to Microsoft Azure cloud based process of releasing iQ-Conference dedicated instance setup and deployment lasted approx. 1 hour and the platform had been scaled to the required performance.

  • Multimedia interaction and new usability opportunities for the participants.
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the conferences organization, innovative approach to conference management.
  • Handling core processes of the event organization i.e: registration, reception, payments, conference website, conference materials delivery, participants management, surveys, contests.
  • New features: support for scientific paper submision and reviews, online debates, matchmaking, applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.
ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap, SignalR.
For list of selected conferences and congresses, please visit the product website http://iqconference.eu

iQ-Conference University Edition

Conferences and lectures

The iQ-University Conference Edition is used at two universities: Faculty of Management at Technical University in Bialystok, University of Finance and Management in Bialystok. Students benefit from the possibility of making notes during lectures based on the saved "Live-Preview" slides, they can ask questions or download available materials. Lecturers carry out tests of knowledge and check presence. Connecting system with a touch-screen device (tablet, notebook, multimedia board) brings a unique opportunity of multimedia interaction - all created ad-hoc content is shared to the Live preview and students' notes.

  • Multimedia interaction: a new way or creating notes, extending methods of student-teacher interaction
  • Mobilization of students during classes: knowledge tests, saving slides, electronic attendance list.
  • Private student account: materials, notes, tests, presence.
ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap

Regional platform for e-services (Cyfrowy Urząd Wrót Podlasia)


System created as a part of the project co-founded by the European Regional Development Fund. The system is a set of applications designed to provide electronic services for the podlaskie voivoidships residents. The project provided 13 public electronic services and integrated 129 local administration offices with subordinate units participated in the project (1277 offices working in one eGov platform).
The system allows citizens:

  • obtaining information about the services provided by the Administration Units (the Public Services Catalogue)
  • submitting on-line applications to the office using e-forms
  • receiving electronic documents (for acknowledgment of receipt), and having access to information concerning their applications and cases
  • making payments related to applications or cases (bank transfer or using the ePUAP platform)
  • arranging visits to the offices
ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap, SAML2.0.
 Regional platform for e-services (Cyfrowy Urząd Wrót Podlasia)

IT System for Polish Colonoscopy Screening Program (SI-PBP)


SI-PBP system is used to conduct long-term, medical, population-based prevention program for research using colonoscopy as a screening tool for early detection of colorectal cancer. Using modern IT solutions, optimization of user interface and performance SI-PBP allowed optimal implementation of processes used in the Program. This in turn reduces the time required for the service of examined person and related costs. The project included analysis, design and implementation of new, central, available on-line information system that supports all parts of the Program. SI-PBP is flawlessly maintained by us in a datacenter server infrastructure (availability of 99.99% over the last 2.5 years of maintenance), administered and developed.
The system is composed of three main modules:

  • RANDOM module - it is used for the process of selection and randomization of screening program participants
  • AppBook module - it facilitates the preparation and dispatch of invitations to screening colonoscopies in the Program and the participant service process management, including: reception, required documentation, contact with the participant.
  • Colonoscopy module - it is used to enter medical data - the results of colonoscopy and histopathological findings obtained during the examination. At the same time it allows you to print descriptions - research reports and information sheets for patients and referrals to adjuvant treatment.
ASP.Net MVC, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap.
IT System for Polish Colonoscopy Screening Program (SI-PBP)



Design, creation, evaluation, implementation and maintenance of the e-Gastronet system designed to electronically collect feedback from the patietns in Poland and Norway. The system was integrated with three telecom service providers, the choice of which was optimized in terms of cost and service capabilities for Polish and Norwagion locations and languages.

  • evaluation of the system on a group of 100 patients in Poland and 40 patients in Norway
  • conduct a preliminary surveys on 2,000 patients in Poland and 800 patients in Norway
  • maintenance of the system for a period of two years (a total of 50 000 participants in Poland and 10 000 participants in Norway)
HTML 5, CSS 3, ASP.Net MVC, PostgreSQL, TAPI.

Maintenance and development of Central Registration and Information on Business - ceidg.gov.pl


Providing services for the Ministry of Economy in the maintentance and development of the systems: Central Registration and Information on Business (ceidg.gov.pl) and Point of Single Contact (www.biznes.gov.pl). Project included analytical and development tasks in order to optimize system performance, adapt system to changes in the law and current needs of the customer. The system uses a secure electronic signature verified by a qualified certificate or a trusted profile issued by epuap.gov.pl.
Provided services included:

  • Customer support in the current use and administration of the System (consultations, technical assistance),
  • Analysis of performance and safety of the System components,
  • Analysing the needs for changes in the System,
  • Optimizing the system in terms of performance, safety, adaptation to changes in law,
  • Providing project management, design, programming, database management services for the further development and adaptation to the current needs of the Customer,
  • Develop new and update existing system documentation concerning the changes,
  • Poviding a guarantee for the System,
  • Performing work related to the maintenance of the System.
ASP.Net WebForms, ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap

BPNT Agreement Generator


The project accomplished for the Białystok Science and Technology Park in which we designed, implemented and deployed electronic module of contracts' register. The module is part of the system and has been integrated with existing eBPNT system. The module operates on Microsoft SharePoint Server. The module is under warranty and support and future development services provided by iQ5.

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server platform
  • Solution prepared to run in the cloud environment - MS Azure Ready
  • Flexible template management for agreements and annexes using MS Word.
  • Use of built in Microsoft Sharepoint Server libraries
Sharepoint, MS Office, MS Azure
BPNT Agreement Generator


Website design

We create websites using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3.x so that our pages have a modern, adapted to mobile devices interface.

  • Responsive web design
  • Aesthetic design
HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.x, WordPress
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